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A Magento Checkout for enhanced shopping experience.


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Usability & UX

Engaging user experience through Checkout.

Transform your business by improving the shopping
experience in the Checkout.

The Problem

Did you know that over 69% of consumers abandon their cart?


This raises the question, why do users cancel their order by interrupting the Checkout Process and what actions can be taken to overcome this?

The digital path to purchase completion is constantly evolving. Costumers interact with retailers in distinct ways on all types of devices. Understanding customers’ behavior in the Checkout decreases the risk of a bad experience driving a potential costumer away for good and at the same time enhances the conversion possibility.

Our Solution

A 3-Step Magento Extension designed for customers needs.

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3SC is a Magento extension specially developed for the checkout and based on the latest technologies. Designed to adapt to any end device, 3SC improves the overall shopping experience and helps costumers fluidly move along the path to a sale or conversion.

The costumer benefits from all the integrated usability features, giving him the chance to easily convert. Every customer’s experience is unique, and therefore understanding customers’ satisfaction is particularly valuable to your business.


Optimize your digital customer experience and achieve the best possible return on investment with your new improved Checkout.


100 % Responsive

Today’s costumers are looking for a fulfilling site experience. Upon visiting a website, costumers expect not only to be fast, have a clean design, but also to be accessible across different devices. 3-Step Checkout Extension is 100% responsive, adjustable for all devices.

A user-oriented checkout for mobile usage will ensure effectiveness. Using 3-Step Checkout Extension will help you improve the total e-commerce experience across all types of devices and turn more shoppers into actual buyers.


3 Step Process

The name 3 Step Checkout is derived from the 3 step process. The 3 Step Checkout has proven itself to be the best in online commerce. This ensures optimal clarity and excellent orientation.

A “Progress Indicator” bar informs the shopper of the remaining steps. This way, the costumer is motivated to remain in the checkout process until purchase completion.



Optimized Forms for Mobile

Using the latest technologies and modern usability guidelines we have developed a leading-edge Checkout Extension. We even took up the old, well-known usability features and improved them. Delivering a modern checkout experience for your costumers will not only help them fluidly engage with your online shop but also put you on the path toward a better return of investment.


Live Validation

Instant feedback in case of incorrect data entry like e-mail addresses, passwords or postal codes. This is ensured by the Realtime Form Validation with immediate user feedback.

Today’s costumers are utterly impatient. Customizing our extension with the latest technologies we bring value to your potential costumers, and thus drive more conversions.


E-Mail Validation

E-mail addresses are often long, and therefore susceptible to terrible spelling mistakes. The e-mail validation checks the addresses in real time, and offers automatic suggestions for correction.


Google Maps Implementation

With the Google Maps implementation, matching results are automatically suggested when entering the street, city or postal code. This feature delivers outstanding benefits for the user!

Understand the Advantages of our Checkout and their impact on your business growth.


Gesteigerter Umsatz

Increased Profit

Initiated transactions are now completed, hence sales performance rises. Online shopping becomes a satisfying experience for your customers!


Verbesserte Conversion Rate

Improved Conversion Rate

Achieve a higher online Conversion Rate and decrease cart abandonment using a perfectly adaptable extension to your customer needs.


Weniger Kaufabbrüche

Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonment

The shopper is guided through the checkout with ease. The comprehensively checkout will minimize shopping cart drop-offs, by turning users into costumers.


Achieved Customer Trust

Build Customer Trust in your online shop using our clear & easy-to-use checkout process. Fulfilling your customers needs by offering a relevant and transparent service you effortlessly gain their trust.


Adapted to your Business Needs

Transform your business into a successful one with a consolidated online presence and costumers engaging positively with the online shop.


Zufriedene Kunden

Satisfied Customers

Understand the importance of customer satisfaction and enhance the overall costumers experience in the checkout. Loyal customers will help boost your traffic by recommending your shop to others!

Mobile Shopping Experience

With 70% of smartphone users shopping online, Mobile has become an integral part of people’s everyday life! The average time spent using a smartphone is considerably higher, as opposed to PCs and laptops because a smartphone is a personal device which people have on them all the time. So, let’s optimize this! #herecomesmore

Modern Design

The attractive interface and clean design ensure to a well-structured checkout process.

Latest Technologies

Live validation and Flying Labels provide the user with feedback on incorrect entries before the form is submitted or the user leaves the field.


The many features and the clever design provide an outstanding comfort. Ordering online has never been easier!

Optimised for Mobile

The flexible layout adapts on all screen sizes and thus ensuring a fulfilling user experience.

General Concept (3 Steps)

The proven 3-step status display provides information about the current step in the order process. This encourages the shopper to complete the purchase!

Available Usability Optimizations

The list of usability optimizations of the 3SC is long. We have built-in different features, which improve the shopping experience in the checkout. The 3-Step Checkout is more than “just an extension”!

Auto Focus

Auto Focus


Automatic click in the first input field. Start typing!

Admin Colours Setting

Admin Colours Setting


The checkout does not match the shop? Not with 3 Step Checkout. Here you have the possibility to adjust all colour settings to the web shop CI.

Ajax Deletion and Editing

Ajax Deletion and Editing


No more waiting during page reload! The 3SC allows you to delete & edit products without having to reload the page.

Browser Autocorrect Deactivation

Browser Autocorrect Deactivation


For target groups who don’t know anything about autocorrection, we offer the possibility to deactivate it.

Browser Auto-complete Deactivation

Browser Auto-complete Deactivation


The browser auto-completion can be a serious problem. Is this the case? Just deactivate it!

Form Fields Sequence

Form Fields Sequence


Increased Completion Rates through adapted form sequences. Free adaptation possibilities to your target group.

Packstation Implementation

Packstation Implementation


Implementation of Packstation functionality and necessary fields. The user has the possibility to switch between regular address and Packstation.

Show Password Function

Show Password Function


A click on a button and the password becomes visible as clear text. Easily correct wrong entries without deleting the password!

Live Validation

Live Validation


Live form validation with immediate user feedback.

100% Responsive

100% Responsive


100% Responsive means that is adjustable for all screen sizes. Optimized for Smartphones & Tablets – The ultimate Mobile shopping experience!

3 Step Process

3 Step Process


The proven 3-step process for best orientation and maximum transparency.

Google API Implementation

Google API Implementation


Fast country & address confirmation as well as auto-complete address fields.

E-Mail Validation

E-Mail Validation


Validation of user e-mails in real time and automatic suggestions for improvement in case of spelling mistakes.

Automatic Gender Recognition

Automatic Gender Recognition


Automatic recognition and database gender transfer. This way we eliminated unnecessary form fields. Decreased interaction time with less fields to fill in!

Optimized Forms for Mobile

Optimized Forms for Mobile


Users on mobile devices always get the right keyboard based on the required entries. Enhanced Comfort for immediate input.




Our 3 Step Checkout is at least 45 % faster than the Magento Standard Checkout.

Floating Labels

Floating Labels


Always visible form field labels using the modern, usability-proven “floating labels” method.

Auto capitalization

Auto capitalization


Optionally available feature for automatic capitalization within the forms.

We are your Digital Partner

Successful business transformations start with a significant teamwork as a foundation. Therefore, together we overcome all challenges and work towards delivering the most relevant experience the customers expect.

Gaining a competitive advantage has never been easier. As your digital partner, we help you not only exceed your business goals, but also consolidate your online digital presence.


Secure for you and your customers

Made in Germany

Developed in Germany


From legit Institutions


Support Ticket System

Frequently asked questions.
We are happy to help

  • Who do I contact for further information?

    Please call us at the number +49 8031 581859 0. We will be happy to advise you at any time and clarify any open questions together.

  • How does the integration of the 3SC into the shop system work?

    We can either do the integration of 3SC for you or you can implement the extension independently into the shop system.

  • How much does it cost to integrate the 3SC in my shop?

    Contact us and we will make you an individual offer.

  • Do I get support for the 3 Step Checkout?

    The first 3 months after purchase are included. And also 1 year free updates.

  • Is there a documentation for the 3SC?

    Yes, you can find the documentation at

  • What new features will be available in the future?

    The 3SC Extension is under continuous development. A roadmap with the upcoming features will be published soon.

  • Is there a test version?

    Yes, you can try our demo version. If this is not sufficient, we will provide you with a two-week trial version.

  • Does one profit from further developments of other companies?

    Yes, all upcoming developments will be integrated into future releases if the 3SC team finds them useful.

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    Studies have shown us that users who “add to cart”, even if they do not complete the checkout process, are more likely to return to make a purchase. This is a good way to evaluate shopping cart abandonment and make changes to refine and improve the checkout process. A complete checkout will show the users converting into sales.

    User behaviour on a website can provide strong signals about the site’s quality. For example, if a visitor arrives at a site, visits 10 pages over the course of an hour, selects a product, adds it to the shopping cart and then buys it, chances are pretty good that the visitor has found what he wanted. Contrast to the visitor who arrives at a web page , selects one or more products, adds it to the cart but hits the back button or worse leaves the web page without completing the purchase. These examples of user engagement signals are nowadays better understood by the search engines and are being used in their algorithms. Nevertheless, we now know that user engagement signals are also seen as ranking signals. If a page is a poor result for a user’s search queries, then the user’s interactions with that page will show it. So it is fundamental to understand the quality of the organic search traffic the website is receiving and also user’s behaviour on the checkout page.

    The e-commerce environment can be really challenging and highly competitive. And only a user-friendly and a perfectly adjustable extension for Magento will help you satisfy your customers and also stay ahead of your competitors. Keeping in mind that increased website engagement will result in increased conversion rates, we developed a complete and fully optimised extension with only 3 steps, which will not only please your visitors but will help your business grow as well.

    3 Step Checkout is based on years of experience in e-commerce, current trends and developments and extensive research on best practice solutions in the checkout field. Among other things, we have implemented the current usability measures specified by the Baumart Institute and have also integrated numerous technical features.