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E-mail Validation is an essential part of an automated data quality check. Moreover, this represents an even more significant part of the checkout. In e-commerce, nothing works without the right e-mail address. Compared to other form fields, the email input is the most susceptible field for errors. By typing quickly or using the wrong keyboard on mobile phones, the user may unintentionally enter the wrong e-mail address. Consequently, this will lead to a time-consuming task, increasing frustration and determining a potential customer to cancel the purchase.

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In this article you will learn about significant Facts about the real-time E-mail Validation!

What is the e-mail validation?

The e-mail validation feature is a method that checks whether an e-mail address is available and valid. A background verification process is carried out by comparing the input with the database in order to provide user feedback, regardless of whether the input was unintentional or intentionally incorrect. Additionally, the e-mail validation confirms whether the entered e-mail contains a reliable domain such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Feature integration within 3Step Checkout

With the help of the integrated e-mail Validation Feature within 3SC, the e-mail input is checked in real time to ensure the e-mail address is correct. Apart from the fact that the domain is checked for errors, the e-mail address is also checked if it could have been fabricated. Inadvertent typing errors often occur, without the user noticing them, and the important e-mail verification may never arrive. With the e-mail validation, the live feedback highlights such errors and at the same time the user receives suggestions for improvement. For example the typed  email address is: maxime.musterfrau@gmal.com. The feature immediately detects that @gmal is not an existing domain and prompts whether the user meant @gmail. With only one click the feature will correct the wrong domain and the user can proceed further to the next form field.

e-mail validation implemented in the 3SC

Email Validation Benefits

Research shows that more than 17% of the e-mail address data entered is incorrect. Automatic e-mail validation increases delivery rates up to 98% and improves the conversion rate. This means higher click rates on e-mails and better overall performance. In addition, users are not required to type the e-mail address twice in a form field, which is often requested.

Further advantages of validating e-mail addresses are:

  • Smooth e-mail dispatch
  • High deliverability rate
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Minimization of fraud attempts through incorrect registration (e.g. disposable e-mail)
  • Email inventory without spam addresses

Typos are natural

Let’s assume that a user’s e-mail address is: davidgilbertson@example.com. The user has 27 possibilities to make a typing error and thus to include an error in the address. Not everyone is perfect, which is why typing errors are part of everyday life especially online. However, every wrong entry would result in an incorrect e-mail address, but not necessarily in an invalid e-mail address that cannot be delivered. There are letters on the keyboard that lead faster to an invalid mail and letters that are not the user’s mail but can belong to another person. For example, “e” is considered a low risk of invalidation because all the letters around it would still lead to a valid email address. But ‘p’ has ‘ß’, ‘ö’ and ‘ü’ within range! (EN Keyboard: ‘p’ has [ and ; in striking distance). Although the ‘p’ occurs less frequently in an email than ‘e’, it carries a higher risk of invalidation if it is missed.

Source: David Gilbertson

Accuracy check

To ensure that nothing can go wrong despite the e-mail validation tool, the user should receive a confirmation e-mail. This is the only way to ensure 100% that the user has entered the correct e-mail and will receive his newsletter, order confirmation etc.


A feature such as the e-mail validation provides not only for the user, but also for the retailer, a more relaxed purchase experience. There is no frustration within 3 Step Checkout! We aim to deliver the best shopping experience for your customers! With this integration the e-mail will arrive in your customer’s mailbox with certainty. Check our demo now, to see how e-mail Validation works in real time!

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